BALD pigment

BALD pigment

A full head of confidence

Desire a fuller look? A sleek shaven look? Or would you like to camouflage a scar? Then Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) the solution. A fuller-looking hairstyle without a hair transplant. BALD pigment is guaranteed to provide a permanent solution for hair loss.

Tattoo removal

Do you regret a tattoo, or are you dissatisfied with the result of an MHP treatment? BALD specialises in the remove or adjusting it using special (medical) laser equipment.

Ready for your new look?

Get rid of the uncertainties?

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About the BALD pigment studio

BALD specialises in performing Micro Hair Pigmentation. We take away your insecurity, and give you a full head of confidence in return. Read more about our studio.


These men went before you and walked out of our studio confidently.