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What is Micro Hair Pigmentation?

Desire a fuller look? A sleek shaven look? Or would you like to camouflage a scar? Then Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP) is the solution. A fuller-looking cut without a hair transplant. BALD offers a guaranteed permanent solution for hair loss. This non-surgical treatment creates a hair illusion through pigments that are introduced into the skin with a wafer-thin needle. The pigment we use is of high quality and is distinguished by the following advantages.

Micro Hair Pigmentation

The pigment:

About the treatment

Micro Hair Pigmentation creates a hair illusion through pigments inserted into the skin with a wafer-thin needle. In this way, hair loss, a scar on the head or baldness can be camouflaged. With this innovative technique, stubble on the head is tattooed on the bald spots and the hairline is perfected, making it look as if the head has been shaved.

The pigments are carefully chosen and matched to your skin type and hair colour. Besides this shaved look, Micro Hair Pigmentation can also help people with thinning hair. The tattooed tips can make hair optically fuller. The result is an extremely natural.

Micro Hair Pigmentation

Scar camouflage

Micro Hair Pigmentation is the solution

Scars caused by various reasons can be camouflaged by Micro Hair Pigmentation treatment. By removing colour differences on the skin, the scar becomes almost invisible. The pigments are carefully chosen and matched to your skin type and hair colour. This creates a natural look without bald spots.

How to proceed

Using a wafer-thin needle, tiny dots of natural pigments are applied to the head just below the surface of the skin. The colour is carefully matched to your natural hair colour. In this way, a 'shaven look' is created or a fuller hair density is suggested than is actually there.

Normal tattoos can turn blue over time. With MHP, this is not the case. Because the ink is placed less deeply and is broken down by the body in about 2 to 5 years, it does not fade to a blue colour. Also, the ink is hypoallergenic and contains only natural pigments.

Rates Micro Hair Pigmentation

We use the Nordwood Scale in our treatments. This scale divides the head into different zones. The average treatment consists of 2 to 3 zones. Starting price for a treatment zone is € 650.00. The average treatment costs € 1950.00. The cost for a touch-up is €600.00, depending on the number of zones and pigment fading.


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MHP is suitable for men suffering from baldness, reduced hair density and/or scars on the head causing a lot of colour difference.

MHP is not suitable for people with extreme allergies, eczema on the scalp and when taking certain medications.

If the 'shaven look' is the desired result, it is best to shave the hair to a length of 0.5 to 1 millimetre one day before the treatment. While doing so, disinfect the razor or razor blade to avoid inflammation. When optical density is desired, it is also possible to work between longer and pre-existing hairs.

Touch-up sessions are used to maintain the natural and fresh look. New pigments are placed during these sessions. How often a touch-up session is needed depends on the skin and lifestyle. If this session is waited longer, it will take more time and therefore take more time.

A complete treatment takes at least 3 sessions to achieve the desired result. A session takes 2 to 4 hours on average, of course this also varies per person and desired result.

Slight fading may occur when your desired result is achieved. Provided you follow proper aftercare, the result of the MHP will hold up well.

No, the treatment is circumscribed by most clients as mild discomfort but not painful.

After the treatment, you will receive full aftercare guidelines from us. The scalp should not be shaved or washed for 4 days after treatment, and no intensive exercise should be done for 7 days due to excessive sweating. For 4 weeks after treatment, you are advised to wear a high factor sunscreen and avoid swimming pools. If this session is waited longer, it will take more time and therefore take longer.

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