BALD pigment

MHP for women

is the ideal and quick solution for women with thinning hair and hair loss because it:

1. Offers natural-looking results: Micro hair pigmentation can mimic fine hair stubble, giving hair a fuller, denser appearance. This provides a natural look, where it looks like real hair is present.

2. Provides lasting and low-maintenance results: Unlike other solutions such as hairpieces or extensions, micro hair pigmentation offers permanent results. After treatment, there are no special care requirements, making it a low-maintenance solution.

3. Self-confidence and self-image improves: Hair loss and thinning hair can negatively affect women's self-image and self-esteem. Micro hair pigmentation can effectively address this problem by making hair appear thicker and fuller, making women feel confident and satisfied again.

4. Allows creation of different hair designs: With micro hair pigmentation, different hair designs can be created depending on women's wishes and preferences. This allows women to achieve their desired hair style and enjoy the versatility of having thicker-looking hair.

5. A non-surgical and painless treatment is: Micro hair pigmentation is a non-surgical procedure that does not require invasive procedures or painful surgery. It is performed using tiny needles that insert the pigments into the upper layer of the scalp, making it generally considered a comfortable and painless experience.